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We provide relamps, retrofits and lighting upgrades for all applications and all lamp types. For LED lighting upgrades click here. For floodlight repair and installation click here. Is your business to dim? Energy costs too high? Or are you just looking for a more eye catching look? Whatever the case may be we can provide the solution.
Outdated or inefficient fluorescent lighting or ballasts?
An energy efficient ‘T8’ fluorescent lamp utilizes rare earth phosphorus and a special electronic ballast. Though considerably thinner (one inch in diameter rather than one and one-half inches), the T8 provides equivalent light, higher quality color rendition and consumes up to 40% less energy than outdated fluorescent lighting systems which use T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts.
Using incandescent bulbs for interior lighting?
The compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is an energy efficient alternative to incandescent lighting. CFLs can provide lighting levels equivalent to many common size incandescent lamps while consuming 75 to 80% less energy. CFLs generally last 5 to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs reducing replacement costs, replacement time and frequency of burned-out bulbs.


EPACT: The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows a tax credit for commercial buildings who convert to energy efficient lighting. This essentially allows you to upgrade your lighting to a more modern, energy efficient and often brighter type of lighting at a reduced cost. Often times the EPACT rebates and first years energy savings pay for the entire cost of the upgrade! Please feel free to contact one of our lighting experts or visit the EPACT website for more information.

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